Carbon steel
Cutting thickness: <20mm
stainless: <8mm

Generally used in engineering machinery ,shipbuilding industry, shape cutting of thick plate,rivet weld industry and steel plate blanking.


ເງື່ອນໄຂ: ໃໝ່
ສະຖານທີ່ຕົ້ນ ກຳ ເນີດ: ຈີນ (ແຜ່ນດິນໃຫຍ່)
ຈຳ ນວນຕົວແບບ: 1325
Voltage: 380V / 50HZ
ພະລັງງານທີ່ໃຫ້ຄະແນນ: 8.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3200*2120*1400mm
Weight: 3500KG
ການຢັ້ງຢືນ: CE ISO
ການຮັບປະກັນ: 2 ປີ
ມີການບໍລິການຫລັງການຂາຍ: ວິສະວະກອນທີ່ມີໃຫ້ບໍລິການເຄື່ອງຈັກຢູ່ຕ່າງປະເທດ
Product name: plasma machine
ວັດສະດຸຕັດ: ວັດສະດຸເຫຼັກກາກບອນສະແຕນເລດ
Cutting speed: 0-10000mm/min
ລະບົບຄວບຄຸມ: ລະບົບຄວບຄຸມ START
Cutting thickness: 20mm
Color: Red and white


1. 1500*3000*200mm maximum working area

2. START control system

3. USA Victor Thermal Dynamics 120A plasma generator

4. Cutting Material Collection Box with wheels,for easy take out products

5. High Quality cut performance,Fast cutting speed,high precision and low cost.

6. With firm and reasonable structure,the machine is easy to operate and durable for use.

7. The cutting incision is thin and tidily and can avoid the second processing.

8. High configurated CNC system,auto arc-striking and stable performance.

9. Working with computer and support G code and files of Uncannest software (specilized in cutting metal material) (optional Fastcam software)

10. It can cut metal plate of advertising 3D lighting letter and flute profile letter with high cutting precision.(USA power is optional)


A Main machine assembly including: rack, beam, moving parts, pipe parts, transverse slide line rack, vertical and transverse transmission parts and so on.

B Rail assembly including : 6 pairs of main rail and assistant rail and accessories, 2 meters per pair

C Plamsa torch or flame torch

D Electric control assembly including : electric cabinet, longitudinal and transverse motors and accessories.

E Gas assembly including : general pipe for three way of gas supplyelectromagnetism valvepressure gaugetemper preventing equipment and so on.

F Height adjustment: Torch Height Controllor (can cut different height material ).


ພື້ນທີ່ເຮັດວຽກ (X * Y)1500×3000*200mm
FrameSquare tube Integral guide
X Y Z RailTaiwan HIWIN Linear guide
ການສົ່ງຕໍ່X/Y rack and pinion,Z Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Motor driverStepper Motor driver
ຄວາມຫນາຕັດ3mm-30mm stainless steel
Plasma Power Supply63A/100A/160A/200A
Working Speed8000mm / ນາທີ
ຊອບແວArtCAM/Type 3/Ucancam